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Washington Landlord and Tenant Law

Landlord Tenant – Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act – Washington

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Title 59 RCW


Chapters Tenancies:  59.04
Default in rent of forty dollars or less: 59.08
Forcible entry and forcible and unlawful detainer:  59.12
Unlawful entry and detainer:  59.16
Residential Landlord-Tenant Act:  59.18
Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act: 59.20
Mobile home relocation assistance: 59.21
Office of mobile home affairs — Resident-owned mobile home parks: 59.22
Mobile home parks — Resident ownership in event of sale: 59.23
Rental security deposit guarantee program: 59.24
Federally assisted housing: 59.28



Acknowledgments: Chapter 64.08 RCW.Action to recover real property, jury trial: RCW 4.40.060.Adverse possession: Chapter 7.28 RCW.Boundaries and plats: Title 58 RCW.County property, sales, leases, etc.: Chapter 36.34 RCW.Ejectment and quieting title: Chapter 7.28 RCW.Executions, sale of short term leasehold absolute: RCW 6.21.080.Gambling on leased premises, action to recover: RCW 4.24.080 and 4.24.090.Housing authorities law: Chapter 35.82 RCW.Landlord’s lien for rent: Chapter 60.72 RCW.on farm crops: Chapter 60.11 RCW.

Mining leases: Chapter 79.01 RCW.Mortgages and trust receipts: Title 61 RCW.Nuisances: Chapter 7.48 RCW.Oil and gas leases: Chapter 79.14 RCW.Private seals abolished: RCW 64.04.090.Probate generally: Title 11 RCW. performance of decedent’s contracts: Chapter 11.60 RCW.

Property insurance, insurable interest: RCW 48.18.040.Public lands: Title 79 RCW.Real property and conveyances: Title 64 RCW.Recording: Chapter 65.08 RCW.Registration of land titles: Chapter 65.12 RCW.Statute of frauds: Chapter 19.36 RCW.Taxation, property: Title 84 RCW.Title insurers: Chapter 48.29 RCW.Waste and trespass: Chapter 64.12 RCW. RCW 59.04.010 Tenancies from year to year abolished except under written contract.

Tenancies from year to year are hereby abolished except when the same are created by express written contract. Leases may be in writing or print, or partly in writing and partly in print, and shall be legal and valid for any term or period not exceeding one year, without acknowledgment, witnesses or seals.

Tenancy from month to month — Termination.


When premises are rented for an indefinite time, with monthly or other periodic rent reserved, such tenancy shall be construed to be a tenancy from month to month, or from period to period on which rent is payable, and shall be terminated by written notice of thirty days or more, preceding the end of any of said months or periods, given by either party to the other. (RCW 59.04.020)



Unlawful detainer, notice requirement: RCW 59.12.030(2).

Tenancy for specified time — Termination.


In all cases where premises are rented for a specified time, by express or implied contract, the tenancy shall be deemed terminated at the end of such specified time. (RCW 59.04.030)

Ten day notice to pay rent or quit premises.


When a tenant fails to pay rent when the same is due, and the landlord notifies him to pay said rent or quit the premises within ten days, unless the rent is paid within said ten days, the tenancy shall be forfeited at the end of said ten days. (RCW 59.04.040)

Tenancy by sufferance — Termination.


Whenever any person obtains possession of premises without the consent of the owner or other person having the right to give said possession, he shall be deemed a tenant by sufferance merely, and shall be liable to pay reasonable rent for the actual time he occupied the premises, and shall forthwith on demand surrender his said possession to the owner or person who had the right of possession before said entry, and all his right to possession of said premises shall terminate immediately upon said demand. (RCW 59.04.050)

Chapter inapplicable to rental agreements under landlord-tenant act.


This chapter does not apply to any rental agreement included under the provisions of chapter 59.18 RCW. (RCW 59.04.900)

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