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Minnesota Termination of Lease for Tenancy at Will Law

Landlord Tenant – Lease Termination – Minnesota

504B.135  Terminating tenancy at will.

(a) A tenancy at will may be terminated by either party by giving notice in writing.  The time of the notice must be at least as long as the interval between the time rent is due or three months, whichever is less.
(b) If a tenant neglects or refuses to pay rent due on a tenancy at will, the landlord may terminate the tenancy by giving the tenant 14 days notice to quit in writing.

504.06  Estate At Will, How Determined; Notice

Estates at will may be determined by either party by three months’ notice in writing for that purpose given to the other party, and, when the rent reserved is payable at periods of less than three months, the time of such notice shall be sufficient if it be equal to the interval between the times of payment; and, in all cases of neglect or refusal to pay the rent due on a lease at will, 14 days’ notice in writing to quit, given by the landlord to the tenant, is sufficient to determine the lease.

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