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Montana Termination of Leases Notice Law

Landlord Tenant – Lease Termination – Montana


Notice required to terminate lease.

(1) A hiring of real property for a term not specified by the parties is presumed to be renewed as stated in 70-26-204 at the end of the term implied by law unless one of the parties gives notice to the other of his intention to terminate the hiring at least as long before the expiration thereof as the term of the hiring itself, not exceeding 1 month.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to real property leased under an arrangement governed by chapter 24 of this title.


Part 1

Definitions and Preliminary Procedure


Tenancy at will — termination by notice.
A tenancy or other estate at will, however created, may be terminated by the landlord’s giving notice in writing to the tenant, in the manner prescribed in this chapter, to remove from the premises within a period of not less than 1 month, to be specified in the notice; but none of the estates or tenancies embraced by the provisions of 70-15-202(4) is a tenancy or estate at will.


Remedies of landlord after notice.
After such notice has been served and the period specified by such notice has expired, but not before, the landlord may reenter or proceed according to law to recover possession.

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